Modecom volcano shinobi

New! Light gaming mouse

MODECOM VOLCANO SHINOBI is a new series of optical mice. The universal shape and reduced weight make the SHINOBI series a natural choice for people who require lightness and precision. Honeycomb dedicated housing type for the SHINOBI series - light and durable material thanks to the additional ventilation allows for longer sessions without a sign of fatigue. Fans of low dpi will also appreciate the feather weight of 72 grams of mice.


Precision in every move

MODECOM VOLCANO gaming mice meet the requirements of the most demanding gamer. They are equipped with very sensitive sensors for adjusting DPI to your own style or the game you play. MODECOM VOLCANO mice represent all good vibes companying you during virtual entertainment. We bear in mind to equip our mice with user customisation. This includes, e.g. macro support for programming each button to perform most commonly used commands. You will also find mice with weight control for adjusting it to your own preferences.

Mouse and keyboard pads

Mouse and keyboard pads

MODECOM VOLCANO keyboard and mouse pads were designed for those who require ultimate comfort. They are made of fabrics maximizing comfort in use and providing extraordinary features to exploit all parameters of the mouse. They have a nice feel and make it easier to use the computer. Our pads fit a typical gaming desk perfectly and please the eyes of the most requiring gamers.


Perfect weapon in a virtual battle

Mechanical Keyboards MODECOM VOLCANO are so durable that it can withstand even the most bitter virtual battle, giving you what you have in them the best. And they have a lot of good! Full anti-ghosting? Lock the Windows key? Double-layer double-injection keys? We have it all!


Stable and powerful units officially certified

MODECOM VOLCANO power supply units can be employed in the most advanced set. They are highly-efficient and they were designed for the most demanding gamers. Thanks to their composition, high power, high performance, MODECOM VOLCANO power supply units allow you to configure a functional, energy-saving, efficient and stable set meeting the needs of the most demanding gamers.
MODECOM VOLCANO power supply units are highly-efficient and enable configuring even very powerful computer set. High performance, high power and exceptional composition are the crucial features of the real gaming weapon.


Firm protection of red-hot components

MODECOM VOLCANO gaming cases were designed for the most extreme computer sets. Their spacious interiors have a lot of room for the most efficient components getting really hot during the most fierce battle. This is the reason why our cases are equipped with highly-efficient cooling system and ventilation in order to obtain efficient heat give-off from the components. Design is a crucial element of MODECOM VOLCANO cases. All our cases are designed in accordance with gaming trends.


Hear every sound from the game

Just imagine how the world would look like without pure and clear sound. Sound triggers emotions much more intense than those triggered by the view. The sound of upcoming steps in FPS virtual clash, bullets of destruction, characteristic V8 engine revving in car racing game and the storm coming will escalate your sensations in virtual entertainment. MODECOM VOLCANO gaming headphones will let you experience unknown pleasure of touching the world of virtual entertainment. They are equipped with capsules isolating the gamer form the environment.