The successor of MC-S1 which gained popularity among users and IT magazines. High quality of sound in MC-S2 is much better than the one of built-in speakers. It also exceeds the sound of 2.0 sets and many of 2.1 sets in the segment. Subwoofer gives you true deep sound, and satellites play clear trebles.

From the functional point of view, MODECOM MC-S2 offer everything you need in order to enjoy comfort and perfect sound. The set is equipped with volume regulation placed on wired controller. The controller is also equipped with mini-jack. Mini-jack lets you connect mp3 player or other sources.

With regard to MC-S1, the controller was augmented with headphones slot.


Frequency rangeSubwoofer: 30 Hz – 180 Hz, Satellites: 180 Hz – 20 kHz
Woofer dimensions130 x 190 x 170mm
Woofer dimensions70 x 170 x 87 mm
SNR>= 60dB
Input sensitivity600mV
Watts3.5” 3.5”, 8 Ohm, 5 W (woofer), Satellites: 3", 4 Ohm, 5 W
Channel separation>= 40 dB
Electromagnetic shielding
Power supplyAC-220 V-240 V, 50Hz
CablesPower: 1.1 m, Front satellites: 1.4 m, Signal + controller: 1.4 m
Audio input