In today's competitive market of PC components it's not easy to choose proper hardware, in particular power supply being key component responsible for providing safe usage. There are plenty of cheap power supply units that may cause accidental damage not only for you gear, but also for you.

Regardless of what we need - new quiet computer, contemporary hardware or advanced gamer hardware, we deserve the highest quality at a reasonable price and we have to be sure that the product will meet our needs and provide safe and stable work. Don't give up on quality and efficiency - choose our power supply unit from a new MC product line.
Thanks to unique construction, a combination of 400 W and high efficiency, MODECOM MC-400-85 power supply unit lets you built a functional, energy-saving, efficient and stable computer set standing out from competitive sets.

MODECOM MC-400-85 is a highly efficient high-class power supply unit. This product is dedicated for those who look for the highest quality at a reasonable price. It is one of those products which make you think you made the right decision!

Protection systems:


400 Watt of continuous power provides adequate power reserve

High efficiency - over 85% at 50% of load, over 82% at 20% of load and 100% of power. It means lower heat generation and efficient cooling, which is reflected with silent operating. High efficiency brings lower power consumption, which consequently lowers the costs.
PF - 0.99 while in a standard power supply unit with passive PFC, the factor is at the 0.7 level. You can therefore save up to 42% of energy in comparison to a standard power supply unit.

High conversion factor - up to 21% higher conversion comparer to power supply units with passive PFC or other power supply units with active PFC. Every power supply unit is a combination of a set of small electronic components converting energy. Those components consume energy, therefore the amount of input energy isn't equal to the amount of output energy. The problem is directly associated with conversion factor.

+5VSB system - it was designed with the use of IC (microchip) circuit instead of traditional MOS circuit. It results in increasing electric current from 2 A to 3 A or more, which also provides stability. It also provides fast charging via USB 3.0 slots or other devices with 900 mA current in standby mode.

PCB server-type - the employed server-type PCB is bigger by 11% that the ones in standard power supply units. It contains twice more copper - 2 ounces (56.7 g) providing better heat dissipation. Consequently, heat losses are decreased and conductance improved, more energy saved in comparison to other power supply units with passive PFC and other power supply units with active PFC.

Big capacitor - with high rate of power in order to provide more energy and more stable work of the computer.
- active PFC
- output lines terminal
- filtrating capacitor
- semi-conducting capacitors
- three groups of independent slots - independent slots: +12V, +5V, +3.3V decrease mutual interference, which gives more stable output voltage
- two magnetic amplifiers
- two EMI filters
- big radiators providing better heat give-off
- silent 120 mm fan
- longer outer cables enabling the mounting of power supply unit on the bottom of a case


Type of power supplyTo be mounted inside of computer chassis
Power400 Watt
Power supply standard (ATX)2,31
Power Factor ConnectionActive (APFC)
Performance at 50% load85%
Mean Time Between Failures100 000 h
Number of power plugs 4-pin (HDD/ODD)2 pieces
Number of power plugs 4-pin (FDD)1 piece
Number of power plugs Serial ATA4 pieces
Number of power plugs 6-pin (PCI-E)2 pieces
Number of power plugs 6+2-pin (PCI-E)1 piece
Power plug type +12V4+4 pin; EPS12V
Number of power plugs +12V 4+4-pin (EPS12V)1 piece
ATX connector20-pin + 4-pin
Power supply chassisBlack 0.8 T
Fan120 mm/1600RPM
Weight1,75 kg