In today's competitive market of PC components it's not easy to choose proper hardware, in particular power supply being key component responsible for providing safe usage. There are plenty of cheap power supply units that may cause accidental damage not only for you gear, but also for you.
We deserve the highest quality at a reasonable price and we have to be sure that the product will meet our needs and provide safe and stable work. MODECOM MC-300-85 gives you everything you need.

This modern construction is highly efficient (85% at standard load of half of power and 230 V). It's possible thanks to active PFC (PFC > 0.9). These parameters meet the criteria of Energy Star Version 5.0. This high efficiency is the basic way of limiting power losses in the power supply unit (less energy is wasted with generated heat and more supplement efficient cooling). Therefore, cooling system has less work to do, which decreases noise level generated by the power supply with really silent 12 cm fan. Automatic fan control limits the noise to minimum level.

High efficiency makes the 300 W sufficient for standard configuration of home and office computers.
Regardless of whether you need a new silent computer or upgrade your current one - don't give up on quality and efficiency - choose our new power supply unit. It is one of those products which make you think you made the right decision!

Protection systems:


- 300 W of constant power
- ATX 2.4
- very high efficiency (85% at 50% load
- active PFC - the majority of power supply units is equipped with active PFC which is more effective than passive PFC used in standard power supply units
- PF > 0.9 while others with passive PFC are of 0.7
- low noise level
- compliant with ErP Lot 6 year 2013


Type of power supplyTo be mounted inside of computer chassis
Power300 Wat
Power supply standard (ATX)2,4
Power Factor ConnectionActive (APFC)
Performance at 50% load85%
Mean Time Between Failures100 000 h
Number of power plugs 4-pin (HDD/ODD)2 pieces
Number of power plugs 4-pin (FDD)1 piece
Number of power plugs Serial ATA3 pieces
Number of power plugs 6-pin (PCI-E)0 pieces
Power plug type +12V4 pin
Number of power plugs +12V 4+4-pin (EPS12V)1 piece
ATX connector24-pin
Power supply chassis0,6T
Fan120 mm