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MODECOM Volcano Lanparty RGB BT

Enter the world of gaming and forget about the reality that surrounds you. Use the latest technological solutions and have fun. Or take advantage of its best features and spend your time comfortably while working or studying.
It's your choice, we only gave you the tool.

Key features

- Professional GATERON Yellow switches with a lifetime of 50 million clicks. Dual - injection keycaps.
- Full RGB backlight (16,7 mln colours).
- Dedicated software.
- Full Anti-Ghosting.
- The use of high-quality materials during production ensures its durability.
- High ergonomics allows you to use it for many hours - not only while playing your favorite computer games for many hours on PC, but also while working or studying at a laptop.
- You can successfully connect a keyboard with 5 devices simultaneously via the Bluetooth module. Thanks to this, you can use it not only for gaming and work or study, but also you can use it for TV and in a convenient way search for videos, e.g. on YouTube.
- A powerful battery must go hand in hand with high ergonomics. In the MODECOM Volcano Lanparty RGB BT keyboard we used an efficient battery that will allow you to work for many hours without having to recharge it.
- Detachable USB-C cable with a length of 180 cm. Wireless operation possible.
- Small size of the keyboard means higher ergonomics
- Non-slip feet prevent the keyboard from moving on the desk even during intense gaming
- The caps are made in the dual-injection technology. Wear-resistant and easy to replace or clean

Write comfortably, play with even greater comfort

MODECOM Volcano Lanparty RGB BT is a 65% keyboard, which means that its small size is the optimal choice not only for gamers (it allows to keep more space on the desk for the mouse), but also for people looking for a comfortable keyboard only for typing.
The number of keys in the keyboard, its layout and the convenient separation of ALT, FN, Back and Del buttons together with a separate arrow section allow you to comfortably play and type. This is especially important in slavic countries, where slavic letters occur very often. To maintain linguistic accuracy, or to type text quickly and communicate while gaming, the 65% keyboard is the optimal choice.

10 reasons why you should have it

1. Make your hands and wrists comfortable
The small size of the keyboard means higher ergonomics. Wrists and hands are less tired, you can type or play on the keyboard for much longer without unpleasant discomfort.

2. Choose it for years
Gateron switches, indelible keys and high quality - the keyboard will serve for years.

3. Enjoy the gaming design
RGB LED backlight of 16.7 million colors allows you to define the appropriate color under your own preferences. Gentle backlight, or maybe a full range of colors? It is only your choice.

4. Work wireless on the battery
The keyboard can work wirelessly - just detach the 180 cm long USB-C cable. Now you can write on it freely while sitting comfortably on the couch.

5. devices simultaneously
Thanks to the Bluetooth module, you can remotely connect up to 5 devices. Would you like to conveniently enter the song title on your TV? It's easier and faster than before.

6. Work or play
The keyboard is universal but has a gaming character. It will work as a tool for gaming, learning and working.

7. Take advantage of the software
The software can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website -
Thanks to it, you can configure the keyboard to your own needs.

8. Rests securely on the desk
Thanks to the rubber feet, the keyboard rests securely on the desk - it does not move even during intense gaming.

9. Lots of useful features
Windows key lock and full Anti-Ghosting are useful functions for gaming and work. First of all, you will not accidentally go to the desktop and you will not lock the keys while playing.

10. Meet the legend
MODECOM Lanparty is a living legend - this model has been appreciated by gamers for years on the market in various configurations.

Command center

MODECOM Volcano Lanparty RGB BT is a real command center, thanks to which not only the world of gaming will be open. The keyboard will not only be perfect as a gaming companion, but also in a practical and convenient way will allow you to remotely control up to five devices simultaneously via Bluetooth (TV, smartphone, laptop, etc.). Thanks to its small size, it is a perfect solution for people looking for a small and mobile device for all multimedia entertainment.

Gaming character

MODECOM Volcano Lanparty RGB BT has a real, gaming character. First of all, it’s dedicated for everyone who love multimedia entertainment. It also allows you to immerse in the world of gaming. Gateron Yellow switches with a lifetime of 50 million clicks, full Anti-Ghosting, adjustable RGB LED backlight, Windows key lock, rubber, non-slip feet and durable keys made in the dual injection technology are proof of the gaming character of this keyboard. Thanks to its small size, it will be perfect as a comfortable tournament keyboard.

Gaming and long-lasting character

High-quality Gateron Yellow switches with a lifetime of 50 million clicks allow you to reliably enjoy virtual entertainment.

The use of high-quality materials and components is a proof that MODECOM Volcano Lanparty RGB BT will be a keyboard for years.

Dedicated software

Thanks to the software you can record macros and program the keyboard backlight in any configuration. With these features, you can say the keyboard is REALLY YOURS.

Windows key lock

Windows key lock prevents accidental pressing of the Windows key. Thanks to it, you will never see a situation where you will suddenly see your… desktop during the most exciting gamingu situation. Remember that you decide when to end the game.

Full Anti-Ghosting

Most keyboards available on the market can detect just a few keys at a time. On keyboards with this restriction, gamers will not be able to use more key combinations that are required in many games. As a consequence, it limits the quality of entertainment and affects the results achieved in games. The keyboard is equipped with an advanced full anti-ghosting function, which gives the user unlimited freedom - with no limit to the number of simultaneously pressed keys. Thanks to it the keyboard is professional tournament equipment.

Fully adjustable RGB LED backlight

The keyboard is equipped with fully adjustable LED backlight in full RGB palette. You can create your own profiles in which only selected keys will be illuminated (adjusted to a specific game or to your own preferences).

Rubber, non-slip feet

We have placed four non-slip feets, thanks to which the keyboard will be stable even during the most exciting games.

Dual injection caps

The keyboard uses high-quality double-injection keycaps. An overlay made with this method consists of two separate elements: external (translucent) and internal with an overprint. Thanks to this method, the print will not wear off even as a result of intensive use.

Take advantage of its best features for work or study

MODECOM Volcano Lanparty RGB BT also has other functions, thanks to which you can successfully use all its advantages.

Thanks to the Bluetooth module, you can successfully connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. Imagine situation when, after playing your favorite game, you take the keyboard, go to the next room and sit comfortably on the couch and use it for the TV.

You can also use the keyboard for study or work by pairing it with a laptop. Just sit in the armchair and work wirelessly in the best possible way.

Exceptional comfort and long operating time

MODECOM Volcano Lanparty RGB BT was created for gamers with hours of computer sessions in mind. In order to meet these high requirements, the keyboard must not only be reliable, but above all very comfortable.

Thanks to its high ergonomics it will be perfect as a keyboard for working or studying at a laptop. Ergonomics goes hand in hand with a powerful battery that allows you to use the keyboard for a long time.


Keyboard typeMechanical
Number of keys68
Anti-ghostingYes, full
Backlight16,7M LED RGB, adjustable
BluetoothYes, Bluetooth 5.1
Lenght of cable180 cm (detachable)
Dimensions (mm)310 x 102 x 39
Weight594 g