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Gamepad for tables - MODECOM Volcano Flame

The gamepad was designed for those who like to play they favourite games on they way to work or school. Its mobility is also useful when you're at home. The gamepad was designed to provide maximum comfort to the user. Accordingly, the quality, materials and ergonomic shape increase the sensations in virtual world. You only have to setup the pad in order to turn it into a gaming weapon.

Major features

- Bluetooth 3.0
- convenient grip
- buttons with a nice feel
- multimedia buttons
- perfect for 7"-10.1" tablets
verify the exact dimensions of your tablet - width and height
- telescopic handler
- rubberised plastic
- horizontal and vertical playing
- built-in 380 mAh battery
- battery life ca. 15 hours
- Bluetooth range ca. 5-6 metres
- compatible with Android 4.4+
- compatible with Volcano Blaze VR


CompatibilityTablets with Android 4.4+
Battery380 mAh
Battery life~15h
Range~5 - 6 m
Max. LCD7"-10.1"
Tablet dimensions (width)min. 128mm, max. 275mm

Additional information

Buttons4 function buttons (A, B, X, Y)
2 directional sticks
1 directional button
4 front button (RT, RB, LT, LB)
5 multimedia keys
For gamers