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Do not give up on quality and efficiency - choose MODECOM VOLCANO power supply.

Thanks to the unique design, high power and high efficiency, MODECOM VOLCANO 850 GOLD power supply enables free configuration of functional, energy-saving, efficient and enduring system unit, as well as stands out from the competitive power supplies. MODECOM VOLCANO 850 GOLD is a highly efficient power supply of the highest quality. It's a product for those who look for high quality at a reasonable price. It's one of those product which make you certain that you chose well!


- compliant with Intel® ATX 12V 2.31
- 750 Watt of constant power provides proper power reserve
- high efficiency - over 92% at 50% load confirmed with certificate 80 PLUS GOLD 230 V EU
- operates in full voltage range 100-240 V
- active PFC, PF - 0.99
- the most stable technology
- AC/DC circuit with stable construction supporting super VGA
- Japanese capacitors
- high quality transistors
- the highest electromagnetic efficiency
- highly pure aluminium (99%) increasing heat give-off by 60%
- strong single Super +12V
- silent 120 mm fan
- fully modular long and flat cables providing good space organisation and improving airflow


MODECOM Volcano 850 Gold is an efficient power supply that will be perfect for personal computers dedicated for gamers. 850 Watt is a sufficient power for the processor, graphic card and other gaming components. It ensures stable operation for many hours, especially during intense gaming. The fully modular design allows better organization of the computer interior, while having a positive effect on air circulation.
The power supply uses technology to protect often expensive components, and at the same time a strong 12V line allows you to build an efficient gaming unit.


All PCI-E cables are detachable, which allows them to be better managed while maintaining not only order, but also optimal air circulation inside the case.


The power supply is one of the most important components in a computer. Not only does it have to provide a stable supply of electricity, but at the same time protect the components against voltage surges. In addition, it should have sufficient power to ensure stable operation of the graphic card or processor.
MODECOM Volcano 850 Gold is designed to ensure safe and stable operation of gaming computers. Its gaming purpose has been emphasized by an extraordinary case and design that looks great on computers with a tempered glass side panel.
Now, when you look at your computer, you know that it has a power supply that will not fail even during long hours of gaming sessions.


Type of power supplyTo be mounted inside of computer chassis
Power850 Watt
Power supply standard (ATX)2,31
Power Factor ConnectionActive (APFC)
Certificate80 PLUS GOLD 230 V EU
Performance at 50% load90% (@115V AC)
92% (@230V AC)
Mean Time Between Failures100 000 h
WiringFully modular, flat
Number of power plugs 4-pin (HDD/ODD)4 pieces
Number of power plugs 4-pin (FDD)1 piece
Number of power plugs Serial ATA8 pieces
Number of power plugs 6+2-pin (PCI-E)4 pieces
Power plug type +12V4+4 pin; EPS12V
Number of power plugs +12V 4+4-pin (EPS12V)1 piece
ATX connector20-pin + 4-pin
Power supply chassisBlack 0.8 T
Fan120 mm
Recommended forGamers
Product protection systemsOVP, SCP, OPP, UVP