MODECOM M9 is a mouse providing basic functionality of this type of devices, convenience and nice design. Optical chipset operates with 1000 DPI and provides high precision. Thanks to numerous colour versions, the mouse can be a fashionable accessory. The top was covered with matt surface making it pleasant to work with.

Convenience of work and study.

The modern MODECOM MC-M9 optical mouse is a proven technological solution based on many years of experience in providing computer accessories to the market.

Our main goal in creating a mouse is comfort and practicality. The shape of the mouse is designed to reduce hand fatigue and ensure comfort while working or studying in front of the computer. MODECOM MC-M9 combines the best features of classic, solid and ergonomic design with modernity, quality of workmanship and high durability of microswitches.

High ergonomy.

The MODECOM MC-M9 mouse is also comfortable to use. Its simple and classic, but at the same time ergonomic design fits perfectly in the hand and minimizes fatigue even during long hours of use.

Why you should buy it?

- Classic and elegant design - the mouse doesn't have to be boring.
- High ergonomics of use - less fatigue after many hours of work or study.
- Available in several colors.
- Optical mouse with a 1000 DPI sensor - works on most surfaces, it is precise and durable.


Resolution1000 DPI
Cable length180 cm
Dimensions103*66*37 mm
SystemWindows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8; Linux
ColourBlack, Black and red, Black and blue, Black and orange, Black and green