This mini-tower case was designed for those who like modern design. The front was made of shiny high-quality material making it look minimalistic and modern. Apart from nice design, MODECOM COOL is also very functional. Out of concern for maximum convenience, all slots were placed on the top of the case. We should also mention USB 3.0 slot enabling instant data transfer and recharge your mobile device very quickly, e.g. smartphone or tablet.

The interior enables mounting up to three fans: front (120 mm), rear (80 mm) and side (120 mm). MODECOM COOL is compatible with microATX and ITX motherboards. Additionally, the case is equipped with one HD audio slot and microphone slot.
MODECOM COOL is a perfect combination of minimalistic modern design with spacious and functional interior. Particular attention should be drawn to space organisation system inside the case. Thanks to the fact that power supply units and optical drives are mounted on the bottom, the interior of COOL is extremely spacious and functional despite its small size.

Apart from its high level of functionality, MODECOM COOL has unique looks. Its minimalistic construction with backlit manufacturer's logo will be a perfect decorative element of your interior.


TypeMini tower
Dimensions185 x 380 x 365 mm (width x length x height)
Drive bays1 x 5,25'' ODD external 2 x 3,5'' HDD internal
Motherboard standardmicro ATX, ITX
Space for power supplyOn the bottom
Space for additional fansfront (1 x 120 mm), back (1 x 80 mm), side (1 x 120mm)
Handle for a padlockNo

Additional information

Specifications1 x USB 3.0 1 x USB 2.0 1 x HD audio 1 x microphone