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Volcano Mini Gamepad

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Mini Gamepad

Bluetooth controller for Android and virtual reality


- ultra-light construction convenient in use
- compatible with all games supporting external controllers (not only VR)
- compact construction, perfect in limited space
MODECOM Volcano Mini gamepad is a wireless Bluetooth® controller designed for those who want to play games in virtual reality. The gamepad was designed to provide maximum comfort to the user. Accordingly, the quality, materials and ergonomic shape increase the sensations in virtual world. The device works in two modes: gamepad for playing games supporting external Bluetooth controllers. Another mode is controller mode for handling various Android functions wirelessly (e.g. changing volume, activating the flash in the camera or cursor control). MODECOM Volcano Mini Gamepad is a perfect accessory for VR goggles. The result is entering a wholly new dimension of virtual reality. The product is compatible with all games, not only VR games.

MODECOM Volcano Mini Gamepad is equipped with seven buttons to make the virtual reality even more real.


CompatibilitySmartphones with Android 4.4
MaterialRubberised ABS
Battery life~15h
Battery3.7V 140 mAh