Wireless MC-TPK1 keyboard is a perfect solution for a living room or a mobile office. Despite its small sizes and light construction, the keyboard has all crucial functions for you to feel comfortable when working with it.
MC-TPK1 keyboard is equipped with the whole set of keys and built-in touchpanel. Accordingly, typing, swiping, zooming or just clicking is very easy and convenient.
Instant multimedia functions activation lets you access the Internet or your favourite videos, pictures and music.


- scissor-switch mechanism
- built-in large touchpanel
- minimalistic and modern design
- versatile use
- high-quality aluminium construction
- long range thanks to wireless radio technology

Large built-in touchpanel

Thanks to the touchpanel, surfing the Internet or using multimedia programs is very easy. In order to provide maximum comfort, the touchpanel was placed on a large plate: 93.2 x 80.4 mm. The touchpanel may be used in two ways: as a computer mouse or as a touchscreen as it is in mobile devices.

Keys with scissor-switch mechanism

MODECOM MC-TPK1 keyboard was equipped with full set of keys based on scissor-switch mechanism. This type of mechanism is recommended for those who value aesthetics and convenience in use. The application of scissor-switch mechanism enabled to reduce the size of keys and the size of the whole keyboard at the same time. This type of solution is commonly used in laptops and low-profile keyboards. In comparison to standard membrane keyboards, it is more solid and durable. Scissor-switch mechanism provides more joy when used.

Functions keys and numeric keypad

MODECOM MC-TPK1 keyboard is equipped with 80 keys, including 12 function keys (from F1 to F12) which may be used for specific actions.

Comprehensive in its application

MODECOM MC-TPK1 is not a regular keyboard. You can use various functions and applications with it. The keyboard is compatible with a wide range of products, e.g.: PC, notebooks, tablets, mini computer sticks, mini PC, Nuc PC or SmartTV.

The product is easy in use and transportation

MODECOM MC-TPK1 keyboard is a "plug and play" type of device. After connecting Nano receiver to USB slot, you just need to wait a few seconds and the product will be ready to work. Next to the battery, there is a spot for transporting the receiver together with the keyboard.

Long range thanks to wireless radio technology

MODECOM MC-TPK1 keyboard operates basing on wireless radio technology operating at 2.4 GHz frequency. Radio technology provides reliable connection and long range up to 7 metres. Accordingly, you will be able to move around the room and move with your work without limits.

High Quality

Award granted from Polish brand tech editorial office -


Dimensions329,6 x 110,0 x 17,9 (L*W*H)
Touchpad dimensions93,2 x 80,4 mm
Number of keys80 US symbol keys
Keyboard mechanismScissor-switch mechanism (similar as in laptops)
Frequency range2402 - 2483 MHz
Interface of nano radio receiverUSB
Power supply typetwo AAA DC 1.5V batteries
Nano receiver rangeup to 7m
Operating temperature-20 ℃ ~ 65 ℃

Additional information

System requirementsWindows, Android 4.0 and other compatible systems
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