It is not easy to choose the right hardware in today's extremely competitive environment of PC components. It's hard to choose the right power supply unit being one of the key components providing safe usage. The market offers many cheap models of power supply units very often being not only dangerous for the hardware, but also for the user. Regardless of what we need - new quiet computer, contemporary hardware or advanced gamer hardware, we deserve the highest quality at a reasonable price and we have to be sure that the product will meet our needs and provide safe and stable work. Do not risk - choose MODECOM power supply unit of new MC series

Key features

- power supply unit compliant with Intel® ATX 12V version 2.31 specification
- official certificate (230V EU) for MC-S85-500 PSU.
- high efficiency (>80%) at low load levels (10%)
- high-quality capacitors. Capacitor produced in Taiwan provide long lifespan and stable output voltage.
- STM temperature sensor create perfect balance between efficient cooling and noise level in MODECOM MC-S85-500 power supply unit.
- power consumption in standby mode - below 0,5W.
- 6+2 Pin connector.
- extremely stable operating in unstable voltage conditions
- Black PSU case

Thanks to extraordinary construction, the combination of real 500W power and high performance, MODECOM MC-S85-500 power supply unit enables free configuration of energy-saving, efficient and stable computer set, which makes it stand out from the competition. MODECOM MC-S85-500 is a high-class efficient power supply unit. This product is dedicated for those who look for the highest quality at a reasonable price. It is one of those products which make you think you made the right decision!

80 PLUS® 230V Certificate

We've been producing power supplies of the highest quality for over a decade. MODECOM is a good choice.

Silent and efficient cooling system

Solid and stable construction


- We employed high-quality components and combined them with a reasonable price.
- We offer high operational and power efficiency thanks to our experience in producing power supple units.
- Our power supply units enable free configuration of energy-saving, efficient and stable computer set.
- We've been officially granted with 80 PLUS® 230V EU certificate
- Universal power supply unit is perfect for the office or home and is able to provide high power even for the most demanding gaming components thanks to high energy efficiency

Product protection systems:
OVP - overvoltage protection, SCP - short circuit protection, OPP - over power protection


Type of power supplyTo be mounted in PC case
Power500 Watt
Compliant with power supply unit standardATX
Compliant with power supply unit standard (ATX)2,31
Power Factor ConnectionActive (APFC)
Performance at 50% loadMore than 85%
Mean Time Between Failures100 000 h
Number of power plugs 4-pin (HDD/ODD)2 pieces
Number of power plugs 4-pin (FDD)1 piece
Number of power plugs Serial ATA4 pieces
Number of power plugs 6+2-pin (PCI-E)1 pieces
Power plug type +12V4+4 pin; EPS12V
Number of power plugs +12V 4+4-pin (EPS12V)1 piece
ATX connector20-pin + 4-pin
Power supply chassisblack
Fan120 mm

Drivers / Software