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Compatible with audio module Bluetooth MC-BTM01 wireless audio streaming available in the offer of MODECOM


The set was designed for the most demanding users. MC-MHF60U is a speaker set in 2.1 system (two satellites and one subwoofer). Satellites are responsible for producing high-pitched and medium-pitched sound, and subwoofer provides strong low-pitched sounds. This set is perfect for playing video games or watching movies. It will also do well when playing music.

Speakers are equipped with separate converters responsible for medium and high range which makes them generate perfect sound with none of them being dominated by the other. Subwoofer is contained in an MDF chassis.

In this type of solution, subwoofer is not exposed, but it enables obtaining precise low-pitched sounds that don't dominate everything around.
The speakers have MDF chassis providing perfect acoustic parameters.

In order to increase convenience, the set is equipped with wired controller with aluminium backlit volume knob indicating that the set is turned on. There are pitch regulation knobs placed on the back of the subwoofer. One of the most interesting functionalities of the set is USB slot.

It has two functions. One of them is charging various mobile devices, such as smartphones or mp3 players. The second one is connecting Bluetooth module for connecting the source of sound wirelessly.


Satellite speaker dimensions125x114x186 mm
Woofer dimensions310x184x270 mm
Satellites1.5” + 3”
Watts15W x 2 + 30W
Frequency range45Hz-20kHz
Audio input2 x RCA
Signal cable length120 cm
Controller cable length120 cm
Cable between satellites200 cm
USB slot5V@1A
Power supply230V @ 50 Hz ~ 90mA

Additional information

Contents of the box
Satellites2 pieces
Woofer1 piece
Signal cable 2RCA-3.5mm jack1 piece
Audio cable for satellites2 pieces
User manual