MODECOM MC-HF50.2 speakers are for those who expect highest-quality sound and have limited space for the set at the same time. The set is enclosed in MDF cabinets providing you with excellent acoustics. Its classic design makes it universal and perfect for every interior. Sound parameters regulation panel is placed on the back of one of the speakers. Control panel with three RCA sockets and one external subwoofer output is placed on the back of the right speaker. Employing external subwoofer enriches the sound immensely.


- Active 2.0 speakers
- Case made of MDF
- Minimalistic and modern design
- Power 50W (2 x 25W)
- Two speakers 5" (midrange and woofer) + 1" (tweeter)
- External subwoofer output (SUB OUT)


MODECOM MC-HF50.2 is a set for the most requiring users. Its construction provides incredibly high sound quality. Its classic design makes it universal and perfect for every interior. Magnificent sound is provided thanks to the audio crossover system. This system consists in crossovers splitting the audio signal into separate frequency bands that can be separately routed to loudspeakers optimized for those bands (from low frequencies to high frequencies). The application of this system requires two independent equalizers in each set, however, each of them deal with the signal processing better than just one equalizer responsible for the whole range of frequency.


Satellite speaker dimensions170 x 190 x 270 mm
Woofer dimensionsnone
Speakers5’’ + 1’’
Watts2 x 25 W
Frequency range50 Hz – 20 kHz
Audio input2 x RCA 120 cm
Cables120 cm
Power supplyAdapter AC 110V~240V @ 50/60Hz~1A

Additional information

Output for external active subwoofer (SUB OUT)Yes
Power cord length120 cm
Input signal2 x RCA
Sensitivity88 dB
Net weight5.1 kg
Gross weight6 kg
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