A keyboard and a mouse for work and study should be durable, reliable and, above all, comfortable. This is what the MODECOM 5200C kit is like. The wireless keyboard will be perfect for many hours of typing text, and the wireless mouse, thanks to the optical sensor and ergonomic design is a pleasant device to work with.

- A practical office kit for work and study at home or in the office. Wireless mouse and keyboard allow you to work in virtually all conditions. Simple, minimalist, but at the same time elegant and comfortable design makes work or study more enjoyable.
- The wireless, full-size keyboard is perfect for any office work or study. The keyboard has scissor-type switches - comfortable and pleasant to type.
- A wireless, comfortable mouse for work and study. The optical sensor allows you to work on most surfaces without a pad.

Wireless strength

Thanks to wireless technology, the use of a computer is performed in a way that does not limit the freedom of operation. If you are a person who values freedom highly, then you will appreciate the wireless nature of the keyboard and mouse.

Thanks to the large range, you will be able to use the equipment freely while away from the computer.

Common USB adapter

The common adapter in the COMBO set takes up only one place in the USB port. When you go on a trip and take the set with you, you can store the adapter in the keyboard or in the mouse.
The place for the adapter is provided inside of the mouse casing, or in the rear, bottom part of the keyboard casing, right next to the battery compartment.
You can store the adapter in any device.

Benefits of using a wireless mouse and keyboard:
- The cable does not restrict you when working or studying
- Greater convenience
- Order on the desk
- You don't have to work only at a desk - you can comfortably sit on an armchair or a sofa.

Scissor mechanism

The MODECOM MC-5200C keyboard is based on a scissor-type mechanism. The scissor mechanism owes its name to the movable and flexible handles, the shape of which resembles scissors. The key attached to the membrane with "scissor" handle, makes typing not only comfortable, but simply enjoyable. The keyboard user will have the impression that their fingers are flowing at an even pace on the soft and pleasant to touch keys. Scissor-type keys react very quickly to pressure. They also make a pleasant, very soft sound. This type of mechanism is commonly used in laptops.

Energy under control

You don't have to worry about the battery charge status. The keyboard has a low battery LED indicator. The LED starts blinking when the battery power is low.

The slim design of the keyboard improves ergonomics and reduces fatigue during long hours of typing. At the same time, you can easily and conveniently adjust the angle of the keyboard thanks to the feet. Working on the keyboard will not cause unpleasant discomfort. A great choice for any office job.


Keyboard and mouseWireless
Number of keys in keyboard104
Dimensions of keyboard435*126*22mm
FN multimedia keys12
Keyboard interfaceUSB nano receiver, 2,4GHz
Keyboard batteries2x AAA 1.5V (not included)
Keyboard power consumption3V --- 5 mA
Keyboard weight420 g
Mouse sensorOptical
Mouse DPI800/1200/1600
Mouse buttons3
Mouse dimensions107*61*30mm
Mouse batteries1x AA 1.5V (not included)
Mouse power consumption1.5V --- 13 mA
Mouse weight50 g