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MODECOM MC-5008 is a universal wired keyboard for office and home. The membrane construction ensures key life of up to 5 million clicks, guaranteeing stable operation and quality that meets the growing expectations of various users. For years, MODECOM has been effectively using experience in the production of keyboards, therefore creating the MC-5008 model we have used the best experience of office class products as well as advanced devices designed for gamers. MC-5008 is a keyboard that is ideal for users who not only spend time working in front of the computer, but also for those who enjoy the world of multimedia entertainment. The design made by MODECOM ensures maximum comfort during writing as well as while playing computer games. The neutrality of the structure, but at the same time its uniqueness, complements the spectacular white backlight of the keys. Dedicated multimedia keys, on the other hand, optimize the pleasure of working on a computer in a convenient and easy way. The MODECOM MC-5008 keyboard is not a compromise solution for those who need an ordinary keyboard for work and for gaming. It is a thoughtful and carefully designed device that takes the best features of several types of keyboards and combines them together with high quality, ergonomics and practicality, making a universal and multifaceted response to high expectations of users.

Key features

- Life expectancy of keys up to 5 million use
- Dedicated multimedia keys
- Backlight keys
- Cable length 1.8 m
- Universal keyboard design: ideal for the office, also great for gamers


MC-5008 keyboard has been designed in such a way to ensure the comfort of work at the computer for many hours. The versatility of the device ensures efficient work and pleasure of gaming. The 1.8 m cable is optimal for comfortable position at the desk.

High quality

The keyboard is made of high quality materials, ensuring long life of the device. The technological solutions ensures maximum comfort of use.

White backlit

MC-5008 Keyboard has a spectacular, white backlight, so there is a high level of comfort when working on a computer in a dark room.

Command centre

The MC-5008 keyboard is a full-size keyboard model with 103 keys and 14 dedicated multimedia keys. This design provides all the necessary functions on one device, making it easier to work and play in front of the computer.


Number of keys103
Dimensions439*165.5*27.5 mm
Multimedia keys14
Backlight keysyes
Cable lenght1,8 m
Power consumptionDC5V --- 50mA
Weight580 ± 20g