Choosing your headphones is a conscious decision on how you want to hear the sound. We’ve designed our headset to be comfortable and convenient while using them for long time. To achieve that, we’ve made sure our headset is very light and lets your ears breath.​

Key features:

- USB Interface acts as a separate „sound device” in your PC​
- Adjustable microphone​
- Adjustable headband​
- Only 97g weight​
- Microphone mute switch on remote control​
- Volume control buttons on remote​
- LEDs indicating:​
- Power on​
- Microphone mute​
- Sound playback​

Build-in microphone​

Comfortable construction​
​The headphones were designed so that you are given maximum comfort in use. ​

High standard of workmanship​
​Soft materials with a nice feel let you use the headphones for many hours hour without fatigue.​

Our headset is made with conversation in mind, hence we’ve made sure voice reproduction is loud and clear.​


Power on/Playback
Green LED indicates the headset is connected to your PC. In addition to that it also blinks when there is sound being played by the headset. so you may see that while the headset is lying on your desk.​

Microphone mute indictation​
You can easily see when the microphone mute function is enabled, so you always know if anyone else can hear you.​

Microphone mute
Lets you easily switch the microphone off so that you can have a quick word with another person without disturbing your call made using our headset.​

Volume control​


Frequency range​20Hz ~ 20KHz​
Impedance​32 Ω​
Sensitivity​97dB ± 3dB​
Cable length​1,8m​
Net Weight​97 g​