Management board

Currently, the Management Board consists of one person. Mr Jakub Łozowski was entrusted with the function of the President of the Management Board.

Jakub Łozowski

The initiator and main founder of MODECOM S.A

A student of the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology (currently PolishJapanese Academy of Information Technology) on the Faculty of Information Technology in the years 1994-1999. He initiated his business activities in 1999 by establishing MODECOM company. Since then he’s been the President of the company until 2009.

He’s been actively participating in the company’s development throughout it’s whole history from civil law partnership until it transformed into a joint-stock company and still continues to do so. When he was president of the z o.o. company and then chairman of the supervisory board in joint-stock company, he was the father of the company’s huge success on the market. In the years 2004-2006, he was the President of the Management Board in Logic Concept Technology Sp. z o.o. – the European branch of Taiwanese holding Logic Concept Technology

In 2012, Mr Jakub Łozowski orchestrated the company’s debut on the NewConnect market. The company achieved success on many fields under his management and became unquestionable leader on many segments of the market. This success was noticed and appreciated by independent opinion-making bodies, e.g. numerous awards “Gazela Biznesu” and “VIP Biznesu 2014”.
He promotes the development of sports in Poland.