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MODECOM MC-5006 multimedia keyboard is an exquisite product on peripherals market. Its slim and compact construction was designed for dust, crumbs or even accidental splash to be easily removed from the keyboard. The keyboard is also equipped with exceptionally attractive design and will suit your study perfectly. On the other hand, comfort in use is provided by quiet and soft keys. Additionally, the keyboard is equipped with Fn key giving you access to a list of additional functions, such as multimedia support and most frequently used system functions.

MODECOM MC-5006 is a keyboard with a comfortable key profile, which is characterized by a very high work culture, known to all office workers. The keyboard design in the best possible way ensures comfortable work or study. In addition, the design of keys and the flat top cover make it easier to keep the keyboard clean - compressed air is enough to get rid of dirt and dust. Membrane switches are comfortable and quiet when writing texts.

Desired membrane

The membrane design is the most popular solution used in office keyboards. This means that it has been refined to perfection, being the optimal solution for work or study.
Membrane switches are characterized by relatively quiet operation and high resistance to dust, dirt or even moisture.
Thanks to this solution, the keyboard is light and affordable, and at the same time it is perfect for many hours of typing.

Work with pleasure

- Comfortable keyboard allows for many hours of work without the feeling of hand fatigue.
- The MC-5006 keyboard connects to the computer with a 1.8 m long cable. This length ensures trouble-free connection with the computer located under the desk.
- Support for multimedia keys and numeric keypad.


Dimensions433 x 124 x 24mm
Number of keys104
Number of hotkeys12
Power supplyUSB 5V@55mA
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