This bag is for transporting laptops with 15.6". The product is dedicated for those who like modern design, style, elegance, high quality, reliability and convenience. MODECOM GENEVA 2 was made of durable fabrics with a nice feel providing maximum safety for your laptop during transportation. Depending on the case, MODECOM GENERA 2 may be carried in two ways: holding solid handle or with the use of detachable shoulder-strap with a nice feel.
MODECOM GENEVA 2 is highly functional. Additional compartments and pockets enable taking the necessary accessories with together with your laptop, such as cell phone, writing pad, writing materials. Out of concern for maximum security for your laptop, the bag is equipped with the main laptop compartment made with the use of shock-absorbing fabrics. Its function is to separate the laptop from the remaining elements in the bag and absorbing the stroke during any accident. This solution prevents the laptop from being scratched or other mechanical damage.


- perfect space organisation
- modern, elegant and business design
- solid stiffened construction
- high-quality product
- increased safety for your laptop, convenient in use


Notebook sizes15,6"
Internal dimensions42 x 36 x 9 cm
External dimensions43 x 38 x 9,5 cm

Additional information

OrganisationHandle for mounting on a briefcase
Two main compartments: one for a laptop, second one for writing materials
Front pocket with organisers for small accessories
Back pocket for additional accessories
Two ways of carrying: with the use of a handle or a shoulder strap
Reinforced frame