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The product is available in size: 15.6 – 16” and 17"


MODECOM is a popular and experienced IT manufacturer meeting his Customers' needs in order to provide them with fashionable and very functional product. Our recent laptop MODECOM CORDOBA can be described briefly as a combination of classic and business. The product draws attention with its slim shape creating perfect classic bag together with decorative elements, e.g. subtle seams. The secret of MODECOM CORDOBA is its universal design suitable for both business meetings with customers and casual situations.


Laptop bag MODECOM CORDOBA, apart from its aesthetic values, also offers perfect convenience in transportation. The product is also characterised by a light construction perfect for transportation. Depending on the case, MODECOM CORDOBA may be carried in two ways: holding solid handle or with the use of detachable shoulder-strap with a nice feel.


MODECOM CORDOBA is a bag that ravishes with its high quality. thanks to the highest-quality fabrics, the bag provides security for your 15.6"-16" and 17" laptops.
Out of concern for maximum security for your laptop, the bag is equipped with the main laptop compartment made with the use of shock-absorbing fabrics. Its function is to separate the laptop from the remaining elements in the bag and absorbing the stroke during any accident. This solution protects the device from being scratched or other mechanical damage. Stiffened construction prevents from distortion and keeps it in good shape.


MODECOM CORDOBA, as it should be in the case of business bags, was equipped with a set of useful and user-friendly solutions. They will all support you during business meetings. Zippers are the element to draw our particular attention, since they make it very easy to get access to your laptop. In order to maximise the functionality, we equipped it with additional pocket for documents and all the necessary accessories useful during business meetings. Easy velcro closing system enables quick access to your accessories.


Notebook sizes15,6”-16”
Internal dimensions15,6”: 42 x 32 x 5 cm
17": 44,5 x 34 x 5,5 cm
External dimensions15,6”: 42,5 x 32,5 x 5,5 cm
17": 45 x 34,5 x 6 cm

Additional information

OrganisationTwo pockets
One for documents and accessories
Second one for laptop