Numerous applications

Full compatibility thanks to connection systems and slots will give you freedom.

High-end wireless Bluetooth® communication module will make connecting peripherals such as mouse or keyboard easier. Built-in wireless Wi-Fi communication module enables Internet connection. Our devices are also equipped with USB and microUSB ports with OTG. All this proves that our devices have a variety of applications.

and efficient operating system

Enjoy all functionalities of a regular operating system

Regardless of their small size, our computers are equipped with Windows 10 Home operating system and efficient Intel CPU. Thanks to the afore-mentioned, you can enjoy all benefits of having a computer.

Compact design

Our computers are pocket-sized
and you can take them anywhere you want.

They are perfect for home, work and on the move. They are perfect for those who look for universal solutions for multiple applications. You can take all your multimedia and data in one device wherever you want thanks to small size of our computers.