Power supply units worth their weight in gold

Trust the reliable products. Have trust in them.
Be confident with your choice

Our offer includes only the highest-quality power supply units.
Therefore, some of them have undergone official efficiency certification process from BRONZE, SILVER to GOLD category.

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Safe power

Enjoy the safety of your gear and appropriate dose of power to boost you.

Our power supply units offer high level of efficiency with maximum output power even up to 750 Watt. This power is, however, secured with appropriate OVP, SCP and OPP technology.

They work for years and years

High quality means long lifespan.
Some of our power supply units have 100 000 hours of average mean time between failures 9MTBF). It's worth mentioning that that there are 8760 hours in a calendar year

Cables your case will love

Maximize room for what's important.
Long and completely flat wiring employed saves space inside the case, provides better space organisation and lower airflow resistance.