Convenience, safety and order are the words that characterize the MODECOM CLAW 01 headphone stand. It allows you to find an optimal place for headphones, which not only allows you to keep order, but also protects them from damage such as accidental spilling of a drink if they were lying on the desk.
In addition to better organization of the space on the desk, there are also aesthetic issues - it looks much better. MODECOM CLAW 01 means also comfort, because your headphones cable will not interfere while playing, listening to music or during videoconference.
It is also a great convenience - you always know where your headphones are located and you only need to reach for them to be able to enjoy the sounds of your favorite game or music.

Headphones stand

- Stand with a wide base provides a stable structure.
- Universal headphone stand - will hold most of the headphones available on the market.
- It allows you to keep order on the desk, better manages the space.
- Protects the headphones against accidental damage - you can put them away in a safe place on your desk.
- The use of high-quality materials during production ensures its durability.
- The black headphone stand is inconspicuous, thanks to which the headphones play the first role.


Dimensions (mm)127 x 145 x 243 mm
Weight159g ± 5g
Weight brutto357g ± 5g